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Khaolak Market


Local street or night markets operate throughout Thailand – and the Khao Lak area is no exception. A daily market is open in the afternoon and evenings everyday in the Bang Niang area – at N-3 on the Bang Niang Map on this website [see navigation menu above] – opposite and a bit north of the Thai Navy Boat – and just a bit south of the road that heads down to Bang Niang Beach.

While the market is open every day – Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are the primary days for the market with a wider selection of goods on offer – and Saturday is the biggest day for the market. As the primary consumer for these vendors are local Thais and Burmese laborers you will find plenty of inexpensive clothing, vegetables, spices, trinkets, cheap electrical goods, watches, flowers and even edible bugs.

Colorful, often noisy and frequently odiferous (depending on the goods for sale), visiting a local market is a good way to get a taste of local culture. The market is an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon for many of the local folks and can often be a festive occasion.